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IT & Graphic Design Since 1997

After a captivating encounter with computers at the 1982 World’s Fair, my fascination ignited a passion that led me to tinker with these marvelous machines at home. Eager to delve deeper into this newfound interest, I seized the opportunity to enroll in the sole computer programming classes available during my high school years.

In the year 1989, I proudly earned my diploma in Computer Programming from Pickens Technical Institute. However, my thirst for knowledge and professional growth compelled me to reach for higher aspirations. Thus, my journey continued as I set my sights on a Bachelor of Science degree at Kennesaw State University.

During my tenure at Kennesaw State University, in the year 1997, I embarked on a parallel professional path by joining the team at Excel Graphic Services as a Graphic Designer. Within the intimate confines of a small company, my versatility shone, not only as a Graphic Designer but also as the go-to “I.T. Guy.” This dual role showcased my adaptability and comprehensive understanding of technology. In 1998, I proudly concluded my academic pursuit with the attainment of a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

In 2002, my career trajectory took another compelling turn as I assumed the role of a Technology Specialist while concurrently nurturing my passion for freelance Graphic Design. This dynamic phase allowed me to further diversify my skill set, balancing technological expertise with artistic flair.

In 2009, I reached a significant milestone in my educational journey by obtaining a Masters in Business Education. Armed with this advanced degree, I embarked on a new chapter as an educator, imparting my knowledge and expertise to budding minds at Fannin County High School. Here, I undertook the responsibility of teaching Business & Computer Science while continuing to indulge my creative impulses through Graphic Design and IT endeavors.